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Eugene o’ Neill is regarded as one of the best playwrights America has ever produced.In most of his plays;he dealt with the theme of crime and punishment,love and hatred,loneliness and greed.In the play Desire under the Elms,this is also the case.Desire under the Elms is one of Eugene’s finest dramas.In the play,O’Neill painted a portrait of the family conflicts.It is a violent drama of conflicting passions and desires.This paper mainly studies the roots of tragedy of the characters in the play and reveals the practical significance in the present time.
  There are many reasons causing the tragic ending of themain characters in o’Neill’s Desire under the Elms,some aredifferent,but the greed on the farm is their common reasonleading to their tragedies.It is what drives all of the charac-ters and affects

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